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Relationships need Fuel

3 things you need to know about yourself & your person for a thriving relationship

“To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.” - Socrates

Sounds simple hey? But simple doesn't always mean easy.

Does this sound familiar?

  • Asking yourself "WTF were they thinking?"
  • Disagreeing on big and little things and then dwelling on it even after it's resolved
  • Not trusting each other to actually do what was said 
  • Not feeling like you are receiving the support you want or need
  • We have so many balls in the air all at once, all the time

It doesn't have to be like that... 

Over our 60 mins together, Sammi & Nathan, Founders of Fuel Co., Co-Hosts of The Date Forever Podcast and Wife & Husband since 2012 share the insights they've uncovered about themselves and each other and what they wish they knew way back when. 

Uncovering these few things about each other create a Better Connection and ultimately a Better Relationship.

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Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra : 7:30pm | Adelaide: 7:00pm | Brisbane: 6:30pm | Perth: 4:30pm | Darwin: 6:00pm









Who is this Masterclass for?

People who have found their forever person and want to keep things thriving

You've found your person and you want to be with them forever and you know to keep things thriving you need to invest in the relationship and building the skills to support it.

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Couples who want a Better Relationship

You've found your person and you've got a great relationship but you know it could be even better with some extra relationship skills.

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Engaged Couples who want to set themselves up for success

You are getting married soon and you want to invest in setting your relationship and life together up for success by strengthening some of your core relationship skills.

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Thursday 31st March


Wherever you choose - Zoom 


60 Minute Masterclass




7:30pm AEDT
(Sydney, Melbourne)

FREE LIVE Zoom Workshop 
Relationships need Fuel

3 things you need to know about yourself & your person for a thriving relationship

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Add some Fuel to your relationship in just 60 minutes

Meet Your Masterclass Hosts

Sammi & Nathan Jaeger 

Fuel Collective is more than a business, it is a movement towards better relationships. By using a blend of business and relationship tools they empower couples to create and keep thriving relationships.

Founded by Sammi & Nathan Jaeger after another wave of friends went through break-ups and divorces, they realised that lots of people are attempting to create their version of happily ever after without a blueprint or key relationship skills. They went on to collaborate with experts and are creating a collective of people committed to adding fuel to their relationships.

They've flipped the model of relationship coaching from reactive to proactive through their 8 tank Fuelled Up Life methodology, that allows couples to quickly identify what area of their life or relationship needs fuel before it hits empty. 

BONUS: You'll also get a downloadable weekly conversation checklist so you'll walk away with something to implement and do to have a better relationship

We know Better Relationships are key to creating a Better World. 

For every person who attends the event we provide one day of Education to Children in the world - a whole day!

Quality education is one of the most powerful and proven vehicles to achieve sustainable development. It improves health and livelihoods, as well as contributes to social stability.

This is made possible by you and our partnership with Buy1Give1.

Can't make it live? Register and we will make the recording available to you. 

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