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I do a few things but in the "who" of who I am, I am an Integrator.
I turn ideas into reality



I am Sammi Jaeger and I am a Freelance Integrator.

So Umm.......What's an integrator?


Gino Wickman and Mark C Winter, authors of Rocketfuel, believe there are two vital roles at the top of most great entrepreneurial businesses – the Visionary and the Integrator.


While Visionaries have ground-breaking ideas, Integrators make those ideas a reality.

I believe these Visionary & Integrator partnerships can change the world.

An Integrator is a great executor and manager. They hold people accountable while creating consistency and efficiency. They harmoniously integrate a team to execute on an organisation’s strategic vision. They bring ideas to life.

I have a strong background working with Visionary lead businesses and specialise in working closely with Founders who are leading a Business For Good. My favourite Visionaries know that the world can be better and they have an idea on how to change it.

I have over 10 years’ experience in leading teams, projects, business operations and events, ultimately helping people get more time, money and energy out of their businesses.

Have you got a BIG idea that might just change the world?


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