Couple and Team

Get Your Happily...

You've met someone awesome, stepped into love and now you wanna make that foundation rock solid for your own version of happily ever after.

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You found your person.  WooHoo!!!

It likely wasn't easy and as a young couple with a life together ahead of you, you deserve your happily ever after. 


You deserve that loved up, passionate, cheeky, playful and loving relationship, the one that jumps over hurdles together, creates an incredible life together, has epic sex and a whole lotta fun while doing it.

We’re here to help you create and maintain a fuelled up relationship  — the kind of relationship, love and fun your parents didn't even have. 

We’re not talking about just reaching the anniversary milestones,
we're talking about a thriving relationship!


Lemme know if this sounds familiar...

      You're madly in love and you want it to stay that way

      You're life together is great but you don't have a solid plan for the future

      You have heaps of fun together but sometimes struggle with those deeper conversations

      You talk things through but still feel misaligned

      As much as you love your parents, you don't want a copy and paste of their relationship

If that sounds about right...

Don't worry, it did for us too

Create a thriving relationship where you...

   ✔   Have your own individual lives but also an epic one together 
   ✔   Have unwavering gotcha back kinda trust for each other 
   ✔   Co-create a vision for your BIG life together
   ✔   Face and jump hurdles together as a team
   ✔   Feel deeply connected and loved
   ✔   Communicate with ease about the big and small things
   ✔   Feel loved, happy and supported every day 
   ✔   Know what's important and make decisions easily
   ✔   Create time for each other regularly

You've met someone awesome, stepped into love and now you wanna make that foundation rock solid for your own version of happily ever after.

Couple and Team

$297 - AUD

Online Course - Start when you want to start

  • 50+ Video Lessons
  • PDF Workbook 
  • 20+ Activities
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Downloadable Templates & Guides
  • Collective of like-minded couples
  • Immediate access
  • Swag Bag
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Couple and Team - The 12 Course Modules







What's included in Couple and Team?

50+ Video Lessons

Couple and Team walks you through not just the why but also the how so that you can be more productive and get more done.

Templates and Guides

There is no need to recreate the wheel, grab it, adapt it to make it truly yours, then run with it. Checklists, planners, printables and activities.

On-Going Support

Got a question? We are here to support you in our private group along with our community of other thriving couples who are investing in their futures too.



Bonus Swag Bag

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Digging Deeper - What you'll learn in each Module?

More details on what's covered inside each module

To get the most out of this course, you and Boo must be willing to put in the work and let go of old beliefs about what's possible for you two.

If you are open to change, 
there's no limit to the amount of value you can receive from this course!
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Couple and Team

$297 AUD

Online Course

  • 50+ Video Lessons
  • PDF Workbook 
  • 20+ Activities
  • Downloadable Templates & Guides
  • Swag Bag
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Move through the lessons when and where you want. 

We know you are busy. That's why we've made sure you can access everything you need wherever you are. Phone, laptop, tablet or desktop. It's totally up to you. 

You don't need to attend specific training dates - you can work through it when it works for you. 

On demand lessons means you can do it at your own pace or binge it as fast as we watched Tiger King. 

Sneak Peek of what is inside.....

Hi!  We're Sammi & Nath,

We got married back in 2012, both in our very early 20's. We grew so much in those first 5 years that we renewed our vows again in 2017 (In Cuba with some of our best mates!)

From our early twenties to our early thirties, we've learned so much about relationships that we want to help other couples do that learning in a few weeks rather than a whole decade.

There are so many things we wish we knew sooner and we can't wait to share them with you. 

What happens after I enrol?

Get Instant Access

Upon enrolling, you and Boo get instant access to the entire online course content - no waiting games here! Pour a glass of wine and dig into your online workbook with Bae.

Connect to the Collective 

Get amongst all the other couples actively working on creating a Better Relationship.  Ask questions, share experiences and build relationships with like-minded people who are on the same journey as you.

You did it

Fast forward to the end of your final module and you’ll be chatting in a new shared language about your big goals. You’ll be loved up and much more in-step than you were just a few short weeks ago. You’ve mastered the art of being both a Couple and Team!

Build Your Dream Relationship

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Others will teach you to settle, we will teach you how to grow...

If you do what most couples do, you'll spend $34k on your wedding - cakes, cars, suits, dresses, food, beverage and nothing on the thing that is meant last decades past the big day - your relationship.

With more than 40% of marriages in Australia ending in divorce, maybe you want to do something different?

Harvads longest study on human happiness (over 70 years of study) found that close relationships, more than money or fame, are what keep people happy throughout their lives.

Building a better relationship is the best option to create sustainable long term happiness.  

When you become both a Couple and Team, you are building a relationship that can create happiness each and  every month for the rest of your life. 

We empower you to create and maintain a sustainable thriving relationship by building up your strengths as a couple and team  that will stand the test of time.

Got Questions?


Build a Better World.

When you join us in Couple and Team, you'll be doing two things.
Building a Better Relationship and building a Better World.

One of the biggest steps in creating a Better World is to ensure that inclusive and equitable quality education opportunities are available for everyone. 

When you enrol in Couple and Team we also give 10 bricks made of recycled plastic waste to build schools in Indonesia. So while you learn, others can learn too. 

All of this is made possible by you, Classroom of Hope, and our partnership with Buy1Give1.

No Judgements. Ever.

We know relationship stuff can sometimes make you feel like you've completely f*cked up and there's no way to get back on track.

This course is different. Wherever you are in your relationship journey, you are welcome here.

We built Couple and Team, this online course for real people with real questions about the tactical and practical realities of being in a long term relationship.

We know what it's like to fall in love, know that you want to be together but also be struggling to figure out the whole harmonious part.

We were in the thick of it all back in 2012 when we got married and had no real idea of what was ahead, even though we had been together for over 5 years!

There were conversations we hadn't had, lessons we hadn't yet learned and we had unexpected circumstances come up which we had no idea how to navigate.

Every relationship experience is different.

But remember: you're not alone and it's never too late.

Build on the foundation of your relationship and take charge of your life together. Create a vision. Reinvent romance. Boost your communication. Build your long term plan.

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Still not sure if Couple and Team is for you?

Couple and Team IS for you if...

   ✔   You've found someone special and you want to strengthen the foundation of your relationship
   ✔   You are ready to step up and invest in one of the most important relationships in your life
   ✔   You want to co-create and design your future together, rather than have it happen to you
   ✔   You know that having an epic relationship takes work and doesn't happen by pure chance
   ✔   You know you are onto a good thing but know that it could be even more awesome
   ✔   You want to grow together as a couple while staying individuals
   ✔   There are some parts of your relationship that feel harder than you know they could be
   ✔   You've both got big ideas for life but you haven't fully unpacked them or turned it into a shared plan yet
   ✔   You use the F-bomb occasionally

Couple and Team IS NOT for you if...

   ✘   You think buying this course and never watching the lessons, doing the activities or having the conversation
         will be enough to transform what you've already got
   ✘   You aren't willing to dig a little deeper, get a little uncomfortable or do any work
   ✘   You expect Bae to do all the heavy lifting for your relationship and you are just "along for the ride"
   ✘   You are expecting a perfect relationship with a perfect partner without contributing to your relationship or life

100% Happiness Guarantee

We give a shit about you and your relationship.

That's the whole reason we've created this course. We've poured our heart and soul into sharing these lessons with you, which means we stand by what you are buying. If you are not 100% happy or you have a problem, we will solve it.

If within 30 days of kick off you are not happy, we will refund you.

And because we want both Better Relationships and a Better World, we will even make another give to a B1G1 education project on your behalf. 

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