the global goals

Business For Good......... I believe that we all have at least one or two things that we are deeply passionate about.

Those things that really grind our gears and make us want to take on the world, the things we fiercely debate and the opinions we defend in robust conversations over wine with friends.

The world is a big place with some big issues to tackle and I am passionate about more than one so I support The Global Goals via my partnership with Buy1Give1.

 If you aren't familiar with "The Global Goals" please take less than 3 minutes to get acquainted.............

Buy1Give1 are a global business giving initiative on a mission to create a world full of giving,

Partnering with them enables me to effectively give to projects around the world who have an alignment with The UN Global Goals.

You can explore some of the locations and projects I've supported below.... If you'd like to know more about these projects or B1G1, please reach out and lets chat!

Here are some of my favourite goals that I support fiercely along with the impacts I have created using the giving platform B1G1

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