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Your big idea will only make and impact once it's out of your head and in the world. 
Let me help you turn that idea into a plan. 

I specialise in assisting businesses who are tackling something new in their business - an event, product, system change or building out an idea so crazy it might just change the world. I can help with:

- Activity and resource planning
- Monitoring and reporting on progress
- Organising and motivating a project team
- Controlling time management
- Cost estimating and developing a budget
- Analysing and managing project risk

Got a new training or workshop program or product idea but you aren't sure what to do next? I have experience in both digital product and program (face to face and digital delivery) design and love nothing more than taking or refining an idea and turning it into a saleable and scaleable product. We can work through:

- Defining the product or program
- Understanding your customer
- Defining and prioritising the features

- Building a minimum viable product
- Exploring the product or program design and delivery methods
- Communicating your product or program to your audience
- Planning for sale and execution
- Identifying, managing and attracting the right stakeholders
- Setting metrics and key results


As both a trained and natural born leader (literally first born), I have a knack for identifying skill sets in others and how to leverage them to work towards a shared goal. If your team needs a little boost to help meet their obligations, promises, goals and commitments I can help with:

- Identifying and setting individual and team goals
- Periodically check in on progress
- Identifying what is really getting in the way of getting "it" done
- Problem solving and a fresh set of eyes
- Leading team meetings and keeping the team on-track to the task/project at hand

- 1:1 coaching and brainstorming to keep those ideas following and executed upon

I fundamentally believe businesses can and will be the change we want (and need) to see in the world. If you feel like your business could be contributing more but you aren't sure how, I can help with:

- Activating ways for your business to do more than make money
- Creating an impact bigger than you
- Identifying opportunities for customer surprise and delight while making a difference
- Increasing team engagement by leveraging a bigger vision
- Embedding effective giving

With more than 10 years event experience across a spectrum of events including private, public, corporate, conferences, workshops, awards campaigns, exhibitions and large scale public and ticketed events, I'd love to help you with:

- On-Site Event Coordination
- Event Design & Production - Concept to Execution and Review
- Project Management & Event Planning
- Team Leadership
- Volunteer Recruitment and Management


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