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In this Free Zoom Masterclass we will cover

Nailing your relationship communication with three things

Finding your perfect communication format

Knowing your communication style

The 5 levels of listening

Meet Your Masterclass Hosts

Sammi & Nathan Jaeger 

Fuel Collective is more than a business, it is a movement towards better relationships. By using a blend of business and relationship tools they empower couples to create and keep thriving relationships.

Founded by Sammi & Nathan Jaeger after another wave of friends went through break-ups and divorces. They realised that lots of people are attempting to create their version of happily ever after without a blueprint or key relationship skills. They went on to collaborate with experts and are creating a collective of people committed to adding fuel to their relationships.

They've flipped the model of relationship coaching from reactive to proactive through their 8 tank Fuelled Up Life methodology, that allows couples to quickly identify what area of their life or relationship needs fuel before it hits empty.