So what exactly is a visionary and an integrator?

Gino Wickman + Mark C Winter, authors of Rocketfuel believe there are two vital roles at the top of most great entrepreneurial businesses.

These roles are called the Visionary & Integrator. 
Visionaries have ground-breaking ideas. Integrators make those ideas a reality.

When these two diverse people come together to share their natural talents and innate skill sets, it’s like rocket fuel............
I am an Integrator.

A typical Visionary has most of the following characteristics: He or she tends to be the founding entrepreneur, is a great leader, has lots of ideas, is a big-picture thinker, is a relationship person, is a creative problem solver, is a great salesperson, and is a grower and builder. Unfortunately, he or she also creates chaos, has no patience for details, has ADD, gets distracted by shiny stuff, and wants to implement every single one of his or her ideas right now (that’s why the Integrator is so important).

​A typical Integrator has most of the following characteristics: He or she is a great executor, is a great manager, is good at holding people accountable, and creates consistency and prioritization; he or she harmoniously integrates the leadership team. He or she unfortunately has to say no a lot, is accused of being a pessimist and is typically the bearer of bad news in the organization. 

You can read more about EOS and the RocketFuel methodology here

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