1:1 Coaching with Sammi Jaeger

1:1 Coaching
with Sammi Jaeger

At the core of Sammi's coaching philosophy is the belief that "What gets celebrated, gets repeated." This reflects her understanding that positive reinforcement not only feels good but actually accelerates progress by acknowledging and celebrating each step forward.

Sammi integrates this philosophy into her broader vision of creating and living a fuelled up life, where maintaining harmony across all areas of life isn’t just a goal—it’s a celebration of every small victory along the way. By focusing on the wins, both big and small, Sammi encourages her clients to cultivate a mindset that embraces growth, appreciates the journey, and motivates them to keep pushing forward.

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Live a Fuelled Up Life

  • Struggling to create focus in your life and clarity over what really matters?

  • Built your career and business for yourself but it's costing you in the other areas of your life?

  • Know that you've got more you want to achieve and experience but finding it hard to put together a plan?

  • Feeling overwhelmed and out of harmony?

  • Finding it difficult to sustain your progress? 
Book a 1-off 60 min zoom session with Sammi