Sammi Jaeger

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Sammi Jaeger is a dynamic founder, coach, integrator, writer, and speaker with a passion for helping individuals and businesses reach their full potential and live a Fuelled Up Life. 

"What gets celebrated gets repeated" - Sammi Jaeger

Speaking Topics

The Fuelled Up Life

  • The 8 Tank Framework to a Fuelled Up Life
    What is a Fuelled Up Life and how can you create one?

  • From Burnout to Balance
    How Sammi transformed her life and relationships with a Fuelled Up mindset


  • What is the Entrepreneurial Operating System? 
    How a handful of simple tools can change the way you do business

  • The Visionary & Integrator Relationship
    Why Entrepreneurial companies thrive when they are lead by two very different types of people


  • Date Forever
    Creating and keeping a thriving relationship by dating yourself and your special someone forever

  • Relationship with Self
    How your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship that you have


  • The Global Goals
    What are The Global Goals, why do that matter and how can you help?

  • Business for Good
    Why and how businesses can be force for good and do more than make money

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Sammi has appeared on more than 20 shows and has hosted more than 150 episodes of Date Forever.

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Sammi speaks on Business, Relationships and Contribution. Perfect fit for an audience looking to grow, set goals and create an even better life and world,

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As a previous Event Professional Sammi makes a great choice as an MC for your event. She understands what it takes to engage a crowd and keep the show running on time.

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Got some content you need delivered in an engaging and compelling way? Sammi faciliattes group learning environments both online and live.

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"My relationship with myself sets the tone for every other relationship that I have " - Sammi Jaeger

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"Better relationships = Better World" - Sammi Jaeger


Tina Tower - Her Empire Builder

Sammi is one of those women that makes you smile. Her energy, warmth and generosity that she has oozes through reaching everyone in the audience. Not only did our members get inspired, but they they also were left with a warm heart knowing that they matter, and that they can do good in the world with their one precious life. 

Keith Abraham CSP - Global Keynote Speaker

Sammi is one of the most dynamic people I know. She has such a big heart for people and assists them to pursue their passions and goals.

Claudia Neal-Shaw - Power Moves Only

We invited Sammi into the Power Moves Club membership because her area of expertise is what every business owner needs: the practical tools to take care of ourselves and live a beautiful, fueled-up life. She delivered a powerful masterclass that had every member furiously writing notes and giving themselves the gift of reflection. Business education means nothing if we don't have the knowledge on how to keep our own tanks fuelled in the process. Highly recommend Sammi as a speaker and presenter for audiences who need their own dose of fuelled-up magic. We will definitely be inviting her back into PMC.

Bec Bodman - Community Manager at Her Empire Builder

We invited Sammi to share her wisdom with our Her Empire Builder community as we know every business owner needs to hear what Sammi shares: Practical and tactical tools to prioritise our relationship with self so that we can create a beautiful business and fuelled-up life. Sammi delivered a practical and engaging masterclass that had our members taking notes, digging deep and facing some home truths about what they really want and need now and into the future. We know that even the best business strategy won't work if we are running on empty and unable to execute, so learning how to keep all of our fuel tanks full was so beneficial to our members. Highly recommend Sammi as a speaker and presenter for audiences full of ambitious women who are making a big impact in the world.

Joshua Taylor - Business Blueprint

Sammi was incredibly insightful and engaging throughout our conversation and brought an energy that was captivating and exciting, not only for me as the host, but also for the listeners. Her thought leadership on business, contribution and relationships, matched with her vulnerability, authenticity and willingness to share from her own experiences, created a perfect balance.

Christine Petella - The Give Back Model

Sammi shared some great insights on relationships, business and how she is using the global goals to make the world a better place. Sammi was a well prepared guest, easy to work with and provided really great value for my audience. She's warm, energetic and her passion is contagious.

Kerrie Phipps - Leadership Coach & Author

Sammi’s passion for making the world a better place is infectious and inspiring. 
She speaks beautifully about both the why and how of making a contribution. Her own story of being introduced to the UN Global Goals and becoming an active ambassador is compelling. Her experience and knowledge of business, relationships and contribution is unique and interesting, which ensures an insightful, useful conversation for presentations and interviews.

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