Developing yourself and your relationship so that it lasts forever with Siobhan & Declan Edwards

We all grow and develop at different paces and rates, some of us are slow, steady and consistent, others grow in sharp bursts and spikes. And some of us resist growth and change all together. In nature, it’s said that if the plant isn’t growing, it’s dying. But each plant also has their own unique rhythm for growth. We know the same to be true for relationships, they need to continually develop to last forever. But how do we navigate the stages of a relationship when one person is growing and blooming and the other is hibernating for winter?

Siobhan & Declan have been together for over a decade, Declan is a happiness researcher, author, keynote speaker and the founder of BU Happiness College. Siobhan (aka Shev) is a dog loving, cake-baking, care-giving lover of life. Having been described as an "Italian nonna" at heart due to her pride in taking care of those around her, Shev's highest priority in life is putting smiles on other people's faces. Together they’ve created a beautiful, loving and caring relationship that is intentional and designed. They’ve worked both on themselves and their relationship and in this episode they share their story and some of the lessons learned along the way.

We chat about...

  •  Loving the development of your partner in a relationship
  •  Sharing core values at the heart of your relationship 
  •  The role that happiness plays in a relationship
  • How individual personal development journeys can strengthen your bond

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