Becoming less of a dick for a Better Relationship with David Coates & Corey Kilpack


Have you ever been called a Dick, Douchebag, Asshole or Pussy? Those names can sting but they each have their own archetype and behaviours that align with those names. As a human it’s likely you’ve displayed some of those types of behaviours in the past. In this episode we dive into “Be Less Dickish” written by David & Corey about how to understand these archetypes and some insight on why and how men (and everyone!) behave like this and how to evolve.

David Coates & Corey Kilpack are co-authors of Be Less Dickish: the definitive self-help book about men. David is a psychotherapist who has been practicing for nearly twenty years. Corey is David’s former client. Together we created a powerful and original book that stampedes the self-help genre.

We chat about...

  • The aggressive asshole
  • The submissive pussy
  • The imitative douchebag
  • The victimized dick
  • Why and how people behave like this and how to evolve

with David Coates & Corey Kilpack

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