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Observing and healing your childhood traumas for a Better Relationship with Kerry Howard

Moving through life from birth to adulthood we all have unique experiences. Not one person has had the exact same experience as another. These encounters shape the way we see the world and along the way we have both positive and negative experiences some of which create trauma. This is how our beliefs are shaped and it’s where the operating system for our brain comes from. Sometimes people don’t realise that traumatic experience is the basis of a lot of their unhappiness and their programming needs a system upgrade. Doing this self observation and healing can ensure we are operating from the best place and creating the life and relationships we both desire and deserve.

Kerry Howard is a best-selling author, psychologist and executive coach. Kerry, Ms Pink Herself, has not only made this personal transformation herself, but also worked with 500+ clients, assisting them to transform their lives and relationships.

We chat

- What is trauma and how does it show up in our lives
- Understanding our own and our partners triggers 
- Taking full responsibility for ourselves and not blaming others for our emotions and reactions

Better Relationships

We empower couples to create thriving relationships so that they can play all out in life, set big goals and put plans in place to actually achieve them

Better World

Many research studies have shown that great relationships are associated with better health, greater happiness, and even a longer life. If more of us had thriving, healthy, happy romantic relationships, we know we would have a better world. That's why, every time someone works with us, via our partnership with Buy1Give1 we also help someone else in the world. Yep a stranger, someone you'll never meet.

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Kerry Howard - Define Your Inner Diva

Kerry Howard - Why Men are Like Shoes

Kerry Howard - The Trouble with Trauma

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