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Better Relationships = Better World

Taking Responsibility for our own growth for a Better Relationship with Annette Densham

When we meet someone and start a relationship, we come to it not as perfect but as a person. We all make mistakes and we’ve all had a spectrum of different experiences but without learning from the mistakes or taking responsibility for healing from the past, we can end up incredibly unhappy. Sometimes we even expect our partners to take responsibility to do the growing and healing for us. But it’s not their responsibility, it’s ours.

With a gypsy as a mother, Annette sought refuge in stories. By the time she was 17 she had lived in 96 houses.  The books in the library became her best friends and she immersed herself in tales of courageous heroes. It was no surprise when she chose to go into journalism. She is a  four-time grand Stevie Awards winner, author and gungho PR specialist who weaves words that move people. She has also overcome some of her darkest demons to create a life and relationship she loves.

We chat

- Eating shit sandwiches and dealing with shitty situations in life
- Working through your shit and past traumas while in a relationship
- Outsourcing and seeking help within your relationship when you need help.

Better Relationships

We empower couples to create thriving relationships so that they can play all out in life, set big goals and put plans in place to actually achieve them

Better World

Many research studies have shown that great relationships are associated with better health, greater happiness, and even a longer life. If more of us had thriving, healthy, happy romantic relationships, we know we would have a better world. That's why, every time someone works with us, via our partnership with Buy1Give1 we also help someone else in the world. Yep a stranger, someone you'll never meet.

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