Investigating your own past and patterns for a Better Relationship with Victoria Edmond

When we meet someone and a relationship forms, both people are entering with their own life experiences and existing patterns of behaviours. Sometimes our childhoods and upbringing are similar, or they could be in total contrast. These experiences shape the way we see the world, how we behave in situations and our go-to emotions. Without investigation, these patterns can be destructive and happen by default and not design. By more closely investigating, we can become even better people with an even better relationship.

Victoria Edmond has been with her partner for more than 21 years after their relationship was accelerated by falling pregnant just a few weeks into dating. Victoria believes in heart centred relationships and she has multiple businesses in the education space. She generously shares her story and some of her own personal investigations and some of the lessons learned along the way.

We chat about...

  • How getting pregnant after 3 weeks of dating has turned into a 21+ year long relationship
  • How our family history and upbringing plays into our relationships
  • Navigating the hardships and highlights of a long term relationship

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