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Introducing: Me and My Crazy Idea - Sammi Jaeger

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Welcome to the Fuel Co. Blog!

I'm Sammi Jaeger, Co-Host of The Date Forever Podcast and Founder of Fuel Collective.

Fuel Co was born from a place of frustration after I had seen one too many couples break up in really icky and what seemed like avoidable ways.

I realised that if we were never taught relationship skills at school and we hadn't ever been exposed to a healthy, happy, thriving romantic relationship at home or perhaps we had seen one we weren’t all that keen on duplicating….Where are we meant to learn those fundamental skills?

And what would happen to the world if there was a huge collective of people committed to proactively adding fuel to their relationship?

 I imagine a world with less conflict, less heartbreak and hurt, less divorce, less children growing up in split homes. And a whole lot more love and energy for ourselves, each other and the planet.

Studies have proved over and over again that the quality of our relationships drastically impact the quality of our lives. 

So here I am, on a mission to empower couples all over the world to add Fuel to their relationships and lives.

Better Relationships = Better World

Sammi Jaeger


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