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Fuel Up
Sammi Jaeger

Running on empty, it’s time to re-fuel - Sammi Jaeger

Have you ever been caught out in a car that has run out of petrol? I have, it really sucks.

We’ve made it to the final month of 2021 of what has been a challenging year for all. This past week, almost everyone I’ve interacted with has echoed some kind of sentiment of “I am running on empty”. We are all longing for a break, an opportunity to rest and re-fuel. I know I am.

Fuel Collective is a bit of an unusual name for a business all about relationships but the name came about after realising a handful of ideas that all had one thing in common - a need for fuel.

A relationship ends when it runs out of fuel and the willingness to re-fuel is gone.

Each year Nath and I take a whole day to make a Game Plan for the year ahead, we set individual goals, shared goals and make a plan for our next 365 days. We are doing it tomorrow!

The Fuelled Up Life and Relationship methodology was developed after Nath and I examined our last 4-5 Annual Game Plan Days and figured out what...

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