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Sammi Jaeger

Your relationship with yourself - Sammi Jaeger

self May 20, 2022

 How has your last month or so been? 

Mine has been both beautiful and clunky with so many short weeks all in a row - Easter, Anzac Day and then a whole week off for my first visit to Byron Bay to sharpen up some surf skills - it was the best!

Fuel Co. is built on the idea that we each have 8 different Fuel tanks to take care of and at any one point in time those tanks range somewhere between empty and full.

 Fuel is anything that inflames or sustains passion.

The 8 Fuel Tanks

  • Self

  • Romantic Relationship

  • Relationships & Network

  • Humming Household

  • Career & Business

  • Wealth & Lifestyle

  • The World

  • The Future

The idea isn’t to have them all full, all of the time but more a way to quickly identify what areas of life are rockin’ and what might need a bit of lovin’.

When any one tank runs too low for too long, it eventually hits empty and puts pressure on the other tanks. And when you have too many tanks, too low,...

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Why I am shooting for Better not Perfect - Sammi Jaeger

Have you ever been told this by a parent, boss, coach, peer or friend…?

"If you're going to do it, do it right, or don't bother doing it at all"

 Or maybe this version 

 “If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right”

I’ve heard this more times than I can count and it’s held me back from doing things or doing them but only after I’ve double, triple and quadruple checked it. 

But this week, I had an insight and I’ve decided I think that's truly shit advice.


Being perfect is an illusion -- it's not real.

I believe Better Relationships = Better World

And part of that, is believing that both of those things can always be better, and therefore never perfect

This week I was out for a guided run with headphones and a coach in my ears encouraging me through my paces and he said If you can’t do the run you want,...

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Solo Dates: Get to know yourself better - Sammi Jaeger

self Feb 18, 2022

Are you more of an introvert or an extrovert?

Historically, I’ve thought of myself as an extrovert, someone who gets recharged from being around other people. But over the past few years I’ve been actively practising the art of taking myself on dates to enjoy my own company. And although I still love people, I am definitely deriving more and more pleasure from my alone time.

It’s part of why we called our podcast “Date Forever”

Because I want to date myself and my husband Nathan….. forever. 

My hope is that you also want to actively date yourself and your chosen person…….forever.


Earlier in the year I was chatting with some girlfriends about their goals for 2022 and one of them shared that she had set a goal to take herself on at least 12 solo dates this year. One a month, entirely alone, doing things she loves.

Art galleries, cake decorating class, life drawing, speciality cafes, bush...

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Guess who's investing in themselves this year? - Sammi Jaeger

Have you started any new hobbies lately? Or have you had an inkling of something you’d like to learn “one day”? It can be so tricky to master new skills as an adult.

I’ve just finished my 5th surfing lesson in as many weeks and although I can get up and surf for at least a few seconds on a good wave…on a beginners foam board, I am a long way off of amateur surf mastery. But I am having so much fun and can see myself getting a little better each week.

To be a really great surfer there are some skills I am going to need to master - balance, a good paddling technique, understanding the ocean, flexibility to get my legs up and underneath me as quickly as possible, strength and a tonne of both mental and physical endurance. 

As much as I’d like to wake up one day and be an awesome surfer without “putting in the work”, I know I need to invest some time, money and energy to develop the skills required so that I can confidently surf Bondi...

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