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Fuel Up
Sammi Jaeger

Who's organising Date Night this week? - Sammi Jaeger

Have you ever had one of your strengths fail you?

I am what some people would call highly organised - just don’t look at my many email inboxes. I like a system and get frustrated when balls get dropped, especially if they are little things that could have been prevented with a calendar reminder, direct debit or checklist.

My preference is to be proactive with a lot of the things in my life and organisation comes quite easily to me. It’s not something I have to work too hard at and it’s a strength I’m proud of.

In my marriage this strength found me organising all of our dates and activities until one day I just spat the dummy with Nath and pointed out it had been a very long time since he had organised a date for us.

So just like a lotta things, there are two sides to every coin and my strength of organisation wasn’t leaving Nath much runway to take the reins.

We chatted it through and realised we needed a better system, a structure that would allow us to...

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That time my husband kinda f*cked up our anniversary - Sammi Jaeger

 Two questions for you…..

 When was the last time you felt really loved by your person? 


Do you know how to make your person feel really loved?

 This week over in our facebook group - Thriving Couples Collective, we ran a poll to see what the most common primary Love Language is.

If you aren’t familiar with the 5 Love Languages, it’s a concept by Gary Chapman that suggests we each prefer to give and receive love in one of five different ways.


  • Acts of Service
  • Physical Touch
  • Receiving Gifts
  • Quality Time
  • Words of Affirmation

You might instinctively know yours and your partners or you may want to take the quick quiz.

The catch here is that just knowing their #1 really isn’t enough. We need to learn to speak our own and our partners' primary love language fluently so that they can truly feel it.

 My #1 is Receiving Gifts and Nath’s is Physical Touch.

 A few years ago, I walked into our apartment...

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Running on empty, it’s time to re-fuel - Sammi Jaeger

Have you ever been caught out in a car that has run out of petrol? I have, it really sucks.

We’ve made it to the final month of 2021 of what has been a challenging year for all. This past week, almost everyone I’ve interacted with has echoed some kind of sentiment of “I am running on empty”. We are all longing for a break, an opportunity to rest and re-fuel. I know I am.

Fuel Collective is a bit of an unusual name for a business all about relationships but the name came about after realising a handful of ideas that all had one thing in common - a need for fuel.

A relationship ends when it runs out of fuel and the willingness to re-fuel is gone.

Each year Nath and I take a whole day to make a Game Plan for the year ahead, we set individual goals, shared goals and make a plan for our next 365 days. We are doing it tomorrow!

The Fuelled Up Life and Relationship methodology was developed after Nath and I examined our last 4-5 Annual Game Plan Days and figured out what...

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