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Who's organising Date Night this week? - Sammi Jaeger

Have you ever had one of your strengths fail you?

I am what some people would call highly organised - just don’t look at my many email inboxes. I like a system and get frustrated when balls get dropped, especially if they are little things that could have been prevented with a calendar reminder, direct debit or checklist.

My preference is to be proactive with a lot of the things in my life and organisation comes quite easily to me. It’s not something I have to work too hard at and it’s a strength I’m proud of.

In my marriage this strength found me organising all of our dates and activities until one day I just spat the dummy with Nath and pointed out it had been a very long time since he had organised a date for us.

So just like a lotta things, there are two sides to every coin and my strength of organisation wasn’t leaving Nath much runway to take the reins.

We chatted it through and realised we needed a better system, a structure that would allow us to both plan and attend dates. Inhale and exhale.

We both know that quality time together is important and something we want to prioritise. For us, a dedicated date night twice a month works well. We decided on a predictable rhythm that is repeatable but gives us room to jiggle and adapt without being too rigid.

We landed on this: Nath conceives, plans and executes a date in the first half of the month and I do the same in the back half of the month.

It’s been working for us for quite a few years now.

How does organising date nights in your relationship work? Or is it time to find a better way?


If organisation is an area of your relationship where you could do with some tweaks, we’ve included a whole module on it inside Couple and Team. Doors open really soon.


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