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Your relationship with yourself - Sammi Jaeger

self May 20, 2022

 How has your last month or so been? 

Mine has been both beautiful and clunky with so many short weeks all in a row - Easter, Anzac Day and then a whole week off for my first visit to Byron Bay to sharpen up some surf skills - it was the best!

Fuel Co. is built on the idea that we each have 8 different Fuel tanks to take care of and at any one point in time those tanks range somewhere between empty and full.

 Fuel is anything that inflames or sustains passion.

The 8 Fuel Tanks

  • Self

  • Romantic Relationship

  • Relationships & Network

  • Humming Household

  • Career & Business

  • Wealth & Lifestyle

  • The World

  • The Future

The idea isn’t to have them all full, all of the time but more a way to quickly identify what areas of life are rockin’ and what might need a bit of lovin’.

When any one tank runs too low for too long, it eventually hits empty and puts pressure on the other tanks. And when you have too many tanks, too low, for too long, life becomes heavy and hard. 

My self tank has been a bit neglected for a little while. The irony isn’t lost on me, considering each and every week I chat about the importance of dating yourself and your chosen person forever on the Date Forever Podcast.

 Seems I’ve been a bit slack at taking my own advice and I was really craving some alone time, some white space and some time doing things that bring me joy.

With some time off and away from my routine and office, I realised just how low my Self tank had got. The Fuel light was well and truly on.

Refuelling your “Self” tank isn’t always about bubble baths, retail therapy or a treat-yo-self attitude. Sometimes it’s making that call you’ve been avoiding, checking off some of the adulting tasks from the to-do-list and other times it’s about enjoying time alone doing something you really love.

For me, after noticing the Fuel light was on and approaching empty, I’ve been making more time for surfing, gardening (I’ve added a few more plants to my indoor jungle), reading and meditating. 

Because I know that if that tank hits empty it impacts every other relationship and area of my life.

 So today, I’d like to invite you to take a peek at your own tanks and then intentionally make a commitment to some time and an activity that will refuel one of your tanks. 

 And because I know that my relationship with myself sets the tone for every other relationship I have, I encourage you to start with that one if it’s looking a little low.

Happy Re-Fuelling,



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