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Solo Dates: Get to know yourself better - Sammi Jaeger

self Feb 18, 2022

Are you more of an introvert or an extrovert?

Historically, I’ve thought of myself as an extrovert, someone who gets recharged from being around other people. But over the past few years I’ve been actively practising the art of taking myself on dates to enjoy my own company. And although I still love people, I am definitely deriving more and more pleasure from my alone time.

It’s part of why we called our podcast “Date Forever”

Because I want to date myself and my husband Nathan….. forever. 

My hope is that you also want to actively date yourself and your chosen person…….forever.


Earlier in the year I was chatting with some girlfriends about their goals for 2022 and one of them shared that she had set a goal to take herself on at least 12 solo dates this year. One a month, entirely alone, doing things she loves.

Art galleries, cake decorating class, life drawing, speciality cafes, bush walks…..

Amongst my friends, we got chatting about the things we love to do but don’t partake in often enough. So this weekend we are all getting together to create our very own unique and individual “100 things that bring me joy” list. It’ll act as a quick reference prompt whenever joy or inspiration is running low.

Dating yourself isn’t all self care, massages, bubble baths and retail therapy. It's also about really getting to know yourself. What you like, what you don’t, what you desire, what you avoid, what challenges you and what makes you feel really loved. What environments are you most likely to succeed in and what doesn’t work for you.

This week I’d love to invite you to Fuel Up your relationship with yourself.

Grab a notebook and pen and write your own joy list. Dig into your past memories and also your visions for the future. What are the things you can do more of each day, week, month or year to bring more joy into your life?

And where should you take yourself on your next solo date?

Sammi Jaeger



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