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Want a better relationship and more organised household? - Sammi Jaeger

humming household Jan 22, 2022

How’s your first few weeks of 2022 been? Nath and I collected the keys for our new place on Christmas eve and we did the big move right on the cusp of the calendar flipping over, so mine have been lived out amongst clutter, not yet unpacked boxes and sand. We are now living within strolling distance to the beach so the sand I’m gonna have to get used to, the other two things, they’ve gotta go!

This week on the poddie we chatted “Organising your life and home for a Better Relationship with Lisa Hodgson'' which felt fitting since my home has been absolute chaos and not at all organised. Timely advice really.

The past few weeks I’ve snapped at Nath more times than is probably reasonable since moving in. Mostly over little things like, where the fuck is that thing I need that is usually at my finger tips but is now currently no where to be found. It has reminded me how hard our relationship and life can be when our home isn’t humming along and the everyday things like cooking, groceries, washing and dishes aren’t happening smoothly. It’s an energy and time suck.


I’m learning and remembering how important it is to me that our home “works” and how frustrating all those little things can be, like why didn’t my phone charge overnight? Why is there no liner in the bin? Where will I find my passport? Especially when they are all layered on top of each other. Frustration and implosion by 1,000 tiny inconveniences #firstworldproblems


I truly believe that we can’t deploy the energy or resources required to solve the big problems in our relationships, lives and the world while we are tied up trying to solve the “what's for dinner?” or “where are my clean undies?” or “whose turn is it to empty and repack the dishwasher?” level of problems.


So over the next week or so as I return to “normal” work life, I’m going to do my best to get our new home de-cluttered, organised and humming. Redistributing tasks, removing what no longer sparks joy and generally organising spaces we use on the daily and less snapping at my husband, because I know I want to spend more of my time solving the bigger problems. Problems like getting the 260 million children, adolescents and youth who are still out of school into it.


Through Better Relationships we can all create a Better World.

If you haven't already, take a listen to the episode with Lisa, she has reminded me how important having a household that hums along is and how we can work together as a Couple and Team to make that happen.

With love and sand everywhere,



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