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How we organise date nights using our 2 x 2 x 2 method - Sammi Jaeger

romantic relationship Mar 29, 2022

Brag alert!

Last night my husband Nath and I were offered a free night at a boujee hotel by someone whose plans had changed. If we didn’t snap it up, that lush bed was going to be paid for but empty.

It was late afternoon and it needed some jiggling of logistics, but we jumped at the spontaneous chance to have a night away. Yesterday was a big day for both of us, so it felt serendipitous. We popped on our fluffy robes, ordered room service, stretched out on a big bed and enjoyed a very lazy evening together.


As you may have heard us talk about on The Date Forever Podcast, we have a framework for how we do date nights. We call it our 2x2x2


Of all places, we first heard about this concept on a random Reddit thread and now we've made it our own.


Twice a month - date night

Nath organises, plans and executes on a date night in the first half of the month and I organise, plan and execute a date night in the second half of the month. We each get a chance to be the host and the guest and the rhythm is predictable and repeatable. Quality time together matters to us.


Every two months - a night away

Every other month we have a night away, sometimes we combine this with date night, others it's in isolation. Often we can piggy back this onto another experience like attending an event, travelling for work or purely creating a staycation or long weekend experience in a new environment.


Twice a Year - A week away

The original Reddit thread said - every two years take a trip. We love to travel and it's high on our values so we do this twice a year.


Since this whole global pandemic thing kicked off, we have really struggled to maintain those second two, twos!

So last night we had our night away followed by a slow start Friday morning. It was a delicious reminder of how much we have missed these experiences together - an environment where we can be lazy and enjoy each other's company without any niggling thoughts of “I really should…….fold that laundry…..pop on the dishes….”

This time and space is for re-fuelling our relationship and gosh we were ready for some fuel.


This 2x2x2 date night rhythm wont work for everyone but I encourage you to take the concept and make it your own.


So if it’s been a minute since your last night away together consider this your sign to book one in and re-fuel, you won’t regret it.


This 2x2x2 idea is just one of mine and Nath's 6 Key Ingredients to keeping our relationship fuelled up. If you want to the other 5you can grab them here




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