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Re-Fuel Your Relationship with a Weekly Check-In - Sammi Jaeger

romantic relationship Dec 01, 2021

Hey Hey,

My husband Nathan and I got married back in 2012, we were in our very early twenties and honestly, we fumbled our way through our first few years of marriage in terms of not really having much of a "plan". Yes dreams and ideas, but very little clue on how we were going to make it all happen.

Across the course of our first decade or so of being together we used to have these "state of the union" type meetings, at the time we didn't call them that but looking back, that's what they were. 

They were moments of coming together to chat about what's working, what's not, what's not being said that needs to be and what we’re doing or not doing that was causing each other issues.

They were always great chats with positive outcomes, but they were often AFTER something had happened or gone a bit sideways. Very reactive and not at all proactive.

Then a few years ago after I read a business book that without exaggeration changed my life (Traction by Gino Wickman), we added a bit more structure and developed a more proactive cadence about having these chats. A team meeting of sorts.

Then last year we launched the Date Forever Podcast and one of our guests Tristan shared the agenda that he and his wife had been using to have what they call “Happy Hour” chats. We've adapted and have been using it ever since. Knowing what we know now, I really wish we had started this practice sooner.

It takes less than one hour a week to have the Happy Hour chat and for us it's definitely a happy hour that leads to an even happier week.

It’s one part connection and relationship, one part logistics, it ticks both the Couple and Team parts.

If you'd like our agenda (sounds so romantic hey) you can grab it
👉🏾 here 👈🏾

It’s just one of the many ways we proactively add fuel to our relationship so that it never hits empty.

Sammi Jaeger


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