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What's your future look like? - Sammi Jaeger

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Today’s Friday Fuel Up is all about The Future.

Last week Nath and I went LIVE as part of our Couple and Team launch week to talk about Sharing a Grand Vision. It got me thinking about how daunting it can be to think about the future.

What is a Shared Grand Vision? For us, it’s a big beautiful vision for the relationship and life we are creating together.

Maybe you’ve made a vision board before, or at least seen one. They can take many shapes but generally a vision board is a collection of images and words you curate and then display in a prominent place to remind you of what’s important, your values, goals and dreams. It can also be filled with things that inspire you or fill you with happiness and gratitude.

Nath and I have a long term intent for our relationship and a desire to grow old together so for us it’s been such a worthwhile activity to ask some questions, have some conversations and then go about actively designing both our life and relationship the way we want it. It’s given us a sense of clarity and focus about what we both really want and what goals we share. This then makes decision making even easier. 

It’s not a static thing for us and we do review it each year and as we approach the end of 2021, there are a few things on our current board that need to be updated because they no longer align with our desires. 

We’ve seen couples avoid these conversations because they already know they don’t have alignment so as a result, they avoid the conversation about the future altogether. I’m yet to see this strategy work because eventually the elephant gets so big it crushes them both. It might be more painful short term to have the chat but knowing those future visions sooner rather than later might mean you avoid being squished by an elephant which sounds way more painful!

We’ve also seen couples just avoid the future conversation because they just don’t know where to start. Maybe that’s you?

So to help, I wanted to share an activity created by a dear friend Keith Abraham the 100 Lifetime Goals exercise which prompts you with 25 questions to create your 100 lifetime goals.

When we did the exercise, we grabbed a bottle of wine, picnic blanket and snacks and headed for the park. Nath and I did it as individuals and then as a couple, which created the guts of our Grand Vision. 

From there, if you’d like to turn it into a real life vision board to display, here is the link to our template so that you can add images that resonate with you and make it your own.

And who knows, the conversation about the future could be a little less daunting than you thought and actually kinda fun.

Sammi Jaeger


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