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Your new career model, gigging it! - Sammi Jaeger

career & business Dec 01, 2021

Hey Hey,

This week's Friday Fuel Up is all about Career and Business.

Over the past few years I’ve transitioned from having a full-time all consuming job working for someone else, to freelancing, part-time job, a business and then another business and a combination of these at any one time.

There are pro’s and con’s to all of these dynamics that create more or less certainty, more or less cash and more or less contribution. Some of us need more of some than others.

There is an increasing number of people creating these gig-economy, side-hustle type careers and I wanted to share an idea that has helped me.

We need three things
Cash - Where and how do I make money?
Creation - Where and how do I unleash my creativity?
Contribution - Where and how do I contribute my gifts to helping the world?

At times in my career I’ve been lucky enough to get all three from one source and at other times they’ve come from different places - work ticking one, hobbies and interests ticking another and volunteering ticking the third.

Consider what these sources are for you and if one of your C’s might need a bit more Fuel.

Happy Re-Fuelling

Sammi Jaeger


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